Summer Produce- La Milpa! Aug 27th, 6pm

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Summer Produce- La Milpa! Aug 27th, 6pm


La Milpa is a Latin American Garden where corn, squash, and beans are grown together for their mutual benefit in the tradition of Native American Three Sisters growing techniques. 

The Menu:
Bean sopes with corn and squash with queso fresco
Mexican Corn on the Cob (Enrique Olvera inspired)
Squash, corn, beans and cilantro Succotash
Pasta with corn, basil, squash, and beurre Blanc sauce
Fresh corn and squash tamales
Ian's Cocoa - Zucchini Cake

The intercropped milpa system is multilayered, with maize in the upper canopy, beans in the intermediate story, and squash at the bottom. Bean plants fix atmospheric nitrogen and help reduce damage caused by the corn earworm pest (Helicoverpa sea). Squash plants inhibit weed growth with their dense network of thick, broad leaves and retain soil humidity. Natural chemicals (cucurbitacins) washed from the leaf surface act as a mild herbicide and pesticide.

Planting different crops together minimizes soil erosion because their roots form a dense network that holds soil in place. This system also tends to be very efficient, squeezing the maximum value out of every drop of water, ray of sunlight, and bit of nutrients in the soil. According to studies using the Land Equivalency Ratio—a way of measuring the productivity of agricultural land—intercropped fields often yield 40 to 50 percent more than mono-cropped ones.

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